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Welcome to Travelers Institutional Maintenance Corporation
The Home of All Your Maintenance Service Solutions

With over thirty years of service to the commercial community we have become known as:
"The Only One To Call, when there is a problem"
Our Highly Skilled and Dedicated Staff of Professionals are Waiting to Serve You.

Having an Equipment Problem?
You will probably grab the telephone book and look for the biggest add. Maybe even call the first listing and just hope for the best. Well, there is a better way! For over 30 years many large and small corporate businesses have had one advantage over everyone else when it comes to keeping things running problem free. Just one telephone number for all of their maintenance issues. One call to TRIMCO at 1-800-554-3771 and consider the problem solved. Why continue to worry over repairs and preventive maintenance issues when a call to TRIMCO will allow you the freedom to move on to sucessfully managing your business.

  • We specialize in solving problems for business owners and managers.
  • Our budget dollars do not go to expensive advertising. Instead, we invest in our technicians. Skill and training are worth more to our clients.
  • Call TRIMCO and you will hear a human voice, not a menu of options. We are there when you need us.
  • Our staff if interested in helping you! That is why we are here. We will listen to your problems, ask a few simple questions and your problem becomes OURS.
  • One call service for all your equipment and building needs. Installation, Service, and Maintenance of all your mechanical systems.