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Prices you can depend on.

    Trimco Rates:
    • Your experience with Trimco begins with a scheduled visit from our licensed technicians. A complete system evaluation and written analysis of problem areas is only $90.00. In addition, you will receive a guaranteed price to properly repair any malfunctions. Your approval initiates our quality repair service.
    Preventive Maintenance Contract Advantage:
    • With our Preventive Maintenance Contract your calls are moved to the front of the line because as a PM client, you are our first priority.  
    • We will maintain a purpetual inventory of all of your equipment to include serial numbers, repairs, filter change dates, warrenty information, etc.  
    • Filter changes and minor repairs are completed during normally scheduled preventive maintenance and therefore there is never an additional labor charge for these services. 
    • No surprise expenses, we stand by our estimates and we always get your approval first. 
    • Lower hourly rates. 

    • Call 1-800-554-3771 to schedule an evaluation and a GUARANTEED price for repairs.